Policy and FAQS

What type of tile can be used for these murals?
– Our Artisans work with Porcelain and Ceramic  Frost Proof Tile

What size tiles can be used?
Ceramic Sizes: 4.25 ×4.25 inches – 6×6 inches and 12×12 inches

Porcelain: 4×4 inches – 6×6 inches-  8×8 inches and 12×12  inches

Where can I install my mural?
– Murals are beautiful anywhere indoors and outdoors for back splashes, shower walls, hallways, ceilings and floors,  even on the backsplash of your outdoor kitchen.

Will my mural last outside?
– YES – Your tile mural is fired at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kiln-Fired is: a specialized technology.

We are grateful to be able to offer this patented process. When other companies make claims that their is a UV coating which only means that after a few months to a few years their tiles will absolutely fade when exposed to the outdoor sun and elements. Our process is made to last a lifetime.

Can The Above Mentioned Kiln-Fired Tiles be placed in swimming pools?

– YES. That is what this process was designed for.

What if a tile is damaged in shipping?

We stand by our products. Please take a picture and notify us within 5 days and we will replace the tile. Please note that we cannot cover damage in installation. Colors also may vary as all monitors are different.

Does the Mural Arrive Assembled?
– All murals are shipped unassembled. We include a detailed grid, which is easy to follow. We make it as easy as possible. Please feel free to call with any questions.

Can I order any size mural?
– Yes you can. Whether it is a 4 tile mural or a 10,000 tile mural
We specialize in unique custom size murals.

Do you charge a set up fee? no
– Surprisingly No. Most companies do charge. Since we produce many, many murals each week in every size we are
automatically set up to produce any size mural.